Urban beekeeping can definitely contribute to stemming the bee decline. Hive hosting is ideal and can take on several different forms. It is not a "one structure fits all".  Each situation is different and for that reason each situations deserves a custom tailored approach. Bees do perfectly fine in both rural and urban environments. You can host in your backyard, or on the roof of a downtown sky scraper.  Whether you are looking to become a beekeeper or simply have a space where you would like to have bees, we can work something out.  Perhaps your company is looking to contribute to a worth while environmental cause. Roof top hosting and green roofs can be an ideal scenario for bees.  If the desire is there and the location is suitable a plan can be arranged. 

A few things to consider.

1. Do you want to be involved in the managing of the hive or hives?

2. What are you hoping to take away from hosting?

There are several criteria that need to be considered. 

1. Suitability of the location?

2. Access to the location?

2. Proximity to neighbours?

3. Potential interference of day to day activity?

   If you are interested in learning more please feel free to contact me. We can discuss your particular situation and design a hosting plan together. 

Ted Parkes