Here I will post some interesting articles and links that might be of interest. There are many great resources for information, facts and stories about Bees, Beekeeping and pollinator health. 

Thinking about becoming a Beekeeper?

If you are considering keeping bees there are a few things I would recommend you before rushing out to buy bees and equipment.

1. Take a course. Beekeeping courses ofter by the Ontario Beekeepers Association are fantastic. Also a great place to network with other first time beekeepers. And a chance to meet members of the Tech Transfer Program. 

2. Join a local beekeeping association. They are a great resource as you start your journey. They will be happy to offer advice, council and guidance. It is very likely that a member will help set you up with bees when the time comes.

3. As a continuation of the above  you want to try and get some hands on experience with bees. Volunteer to help and established beekeeper from your association. They are usually happy to have an extra set of hands in the apiary. Beekeeping isn't for everyone and you might find out you are just not cut out to handle the bees.